Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank you card with Cricut E2

Hi everyone! Its been a long time since my last post, almost a year I think.
     I finally got back in my craftroom and did some organizing and decided to open my new Cricut E2 that I got at Thanksgiving. I know, I should have opened it and tested it out months ago but I was intimidated by the thought of trying it out. Ive heard so many negatives about it and wasnt sure if I was up to messing with it. (But I did buy the darn thing so I need to turn it on!) My crafting buddies Brenda and Vickie told me it was a learning curve and boy is it. I got it all set up, turned it on, and my fears were layed to rest. Yes, there is a bit of reading and figuring out but it went smoothly. There are some things I would definitely like to change about my E2 that would make it more user friendly but I just need to stick with it.
     I made a simple card using the images that are preloaded in the machine. I also used vellum flowers that my friend Vickie gave me.