Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleaning Cricut Mats

Someone on the Cricut messageboard was talking about cleaning mats and I just happened to be cleaning mine today. I thought I would post how I clean mine because I love crafty tips so I will pass this one along. I learned about this product awhile ago and even posted on my old blog about it. It is called Pure Citrus and you can find it at Lowes or Home Depot. Its great for taking off sticky price tags. I started using it to clean my cricut mats also. I lay the mat on a towel in a well ventilated area and spray the mat. It has the most yummy orange smell but can be overpowering. I then use a scraper to get all the gunk and bits of paper off. It comes off so easy, no scrubbing at all. After scraping all the gunk off I wash the mat off in warm sudsy water. Sometimes there is a sticky residue left around the edges so I just spritz again and clean them off. After the mats are dry I cover the edges with low tack tape and spray them with Krylon Easy Tack to reglue them. They are like new.


  1. Awesome tip Terri!!! I think I heard this before but had forgotten all about it. Could you post a pic of the spray glue you used too??

  2. awesome tip. ty for sharing. i to would like to see the item used to resticky. thanks

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